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By purchasing PERUN, you gain access to the newest technical solutions patented in Poland and the European Union, which ensure maximum safety in difficult terrain.


We've focused on giving you the product made of the best materials which are used in aerocrafts and motor sports. This provides excelent quality.



What is included:

- 100% Carbon fiber deck, with core material,

- 100% Carbon fiber gear box cover,

- 100% Carbon fiber battery box,

- Battery made of Molicel p26 18650 li-on - 12s5p (13Ah),

- Dual ESC - FLIPSKY FSESC6.7 plus 100A continous current for each motor and up to 400A peek for each motor - well known and top specs ESC,

- Bluetooth remote - FLIPSKY VX2 PRO - reliable remote which is well tested by the community,

- Brushless motors - 2x Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor Battle Hardened 6384 190KV 4000W - most powerfull brushless motors,

- 4 swing arms with air dampers EXA-FORM A5 RR1 150mm (dual chamber) - light weight dampers,

- Spur gear - 12T Steel / 52T POM gear - gear ratio 1 : 4,3,

- Adjustable foot bindings,

- 10" air wheels with injection moulded rims (ABS),

- Trucks - CNC out of 7075 aluminium alloy with red springs and 80A shore stiffener,

- Charger - WATE 240W charger 50.4V 4A


With PERUN you can ride anywhere!


Delivery starts from 13th of June 2022.

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